J-A-N-U-A-R-Y…..Let’s Do This!

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Chico and Chris Updates
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2012 is off and running and we’ve got plenty going on so climb aboard the Chico & Chris Express and hold on!

This weekend we only have ONE (1) public show which is tonight (Friday 13th) so get your C&C fix tonight at Boondocks on Airport Blvd (just west of Snow Rd).  Show starts at 9pm.  We had a blast out there for New Years Eve and we’re looking to do it again tonight.

We want to thank everyone for your incredible support of the band.  We’ve got a lot of good feedback on the additions to the show (and still lots more to come so stay tuned).  We’re happy you guys are liking the website (Not that we were going to change it if you didn’t….but glad you like it non-the-less).  Be sure and click some of those share buttons at the top of the website.  Let your friends know about it.  ALSO…….If you’ve got an extra minute……take that little survey on the bottom right hand side of the home page.  We want to hear what you think and what you might suggest to add to the show.  Go ahead…….you’re at work not doing anything better anyway….right?  And we KNOW you’ve got something to say……..God knows you’re never qui……I mean……yeah……..let us know what you think.

Check out the calendar below for more show information.   We’ll be adding the dates and times for the next few months very soon so stay tuned.

If you would like to book a show with Chico and Chris (or the Chris Hergenroder solo show or even Random Conspiracy), Fill Out the FORM to submit your request.

Have you visited the new website yet?  NO?  Well go check it out:  ChicoAndChris.com .  Let us know what you think.  We have been recording some of the live shows.  As soon as we get some of the songs mixed down we’ll be posting them in the music player on the home page.

Do you have any pictures/video of the band?  How about pictures of you WITH the band?  Send them in!  The may just end up on the website.  We would love to see how YOU see us.  Bring your camera…..bring your video camera…..take some shots…..send them in.  Email your pics/video to addmedia@chicoandchris.com .  We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

There are plenty of ways to keep up with Chico and Chris now.  You’ve got Facebook, The New Website, Twitter,  you can Sign Up to receive text/emails about upcoming events, There is Google Calendar (which is also found below and you can even set reminders on the calendar about upcoming shows), you can subscribe to this RSS FEED, Download the App for Android phones…….You can even find a MAP to the gig.  So many ways to stay connected.

Chico and Chris Droid phone app    Don’t forget….If you haven’t already done it…..scan this code to download The Chico and Chris App to your DROID phone.  Stay up to date with the show schedule, view photos and video of the band, book a show, and much more.  The iPhone app is coming soon.  Stay Tuned.

*We’re getting a lot of good feedback on the app.  It’s coming in real handy for keeping up with the Chico & Chris show on the go.  Fans know exactly when and where to find Chico & Chris and with one click you can send a request to book the band…..right from your phone.  How handy is that?  Don’t know where the venue is?……pull up a map…..it’s in the app!

Thank You to all the fans that continue to support Chico and Chris by coming out to the shows and spreading the word about The Little Big Show.  You guys are the best fans in the world.  We love performing for you and we hope you like what we have in store for 2012!

See you at the show,



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