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Posted: March 22, 2012 in Chico and Chris Updates
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Hey guys,  sorry it’s been so long since we’ve had an update here but we’ve had a lot going on….Busy Busy Busy.  We’ve added some new tunes (and still more coming), working on some original material (we’ll be throwing some of that at you real soon), added some cool stuff to the live stage show…..and still got some surprises to come.

We have got to take a moment here though to give a big THANK YOU to all the fans and friends of Chico & Chris.  You guys are simply awesome.  Thank you for continually coming out to support us at the live shows.  Thank you for telling your friends about the band and inviting them to the shows.  Thank you for playing along and singing every song with us.  Thank you for asking (sometimes demanding) some of the same songs or gags you’ve seen us do a hundred times.  Thank you for always coming back for more.  Really…..Thank you!

This weekend we’ve got some cool stuff in store for you.  Friday night Random Conspiracy (Chris Hergenroder, Chico McCollum, Brian Graves) will be at Grand Central.  That show will start at 11pm with no cover charge.  If you haven’t seen this show, this is your chance to see Chico & Chris with a bass player and electric guitar.  This may be the last time for a while that this band will perform as Chico & Chris are already getting booked up pretty solid for the summer.  There are no guarantees but it could be fall or even 2013 before we see Random Conspiracy perform again, so be sure to make it out Friday night.

Saturday night Chico & Chris will be at Burnouts in Saraland.  This is a cool little place located on Hwy 158 on the left off I-65.  You can also get there by coming straight up Schillinger Rd., then when it connects to 158, the bar will be on your right.  Burnouts is a clean bar with a great staff.  You should really check it out.  It’s “technically” known as a biker bar but all kinds of people come out so no matter what clique you follow….you’ll fit right in.

If you would like to book a show with Chico and Chris (or the Chris Hergenroder solo show or even Random Conspiracy), Fill Out the FORM to submit your request.  The dates are filling up quickly so now is the time to book.  We’re already booked up half way through summer and we’ll more than likely have that completed within the next 2 weeks.

Don’t forget to check out the website….. ChicoAndChris.com.  This is where you can always access the show calendar, sign up for the mailing list, download the Android App for your phone, and just keep up with everything Chico & Chris.

Do you have any pictures/video of the band?  How about pictures of you WITH the band?  Send them in!  The may just end up on the website.  We would love to see how YOU see us.  Bring your camera…..bring your video camera…..take some shots…..send them in.  Email your pics/video to addmedia@chicoandchris.com .  We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

There are plenty of ways to keep up with Chico and Chris now.  You’ve got Facebook, The New Website, Twitter,  you can Sign Up to receive text/emails about upcoming events, There is Google Calendar (which is also found below and you can even set reminders on the calendar about upcoming shows), you can subscribe to this RSS FEED, Download the App for Android phones…….You can even find a MAP to the gig.  So many ways to stay connected.  There is also a one-stop-hub that has all the links neatly organized on one page.  You can find ALL of our links at Kimtag.com/chicoandchris .

Chico and Chris Droid phone app    Don’t forget….If you haven’t already done it…..scan this code to download The Chico and Chris App to your DROID phone.  Stay up to date with the show schedule, view photos and video of the band, book a show, and much more.  The iPhone app is coming soon.  Stay Tuned.

*We’re getting a lot of good feedback on the app.  It’s coming in real handy for keeping up with the Chico & Chris show on the go.  Fans know exactly when and where to find Chico & Chris and with one click you can send a request to book the band…..right from your phone.  How handy is that?  Don’t know where the venue is?……pull up a map…..it’s in the app!

See you at the show,



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