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We would like to thank everyone for your continued support of Chico & Chris.  We really enjoy having you all come hang out and share your evening with us.  Thank you for making us a part of your down time.

We’re currently working on some fun new stuff to throw at you really soon.  We’re adding some new songs to the show as well as some really cool new venues.  If you have any suggestions for songs you would like to hear in the show or a venue you would like to see us at, feel free to let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Don’t miss a minute of the fun.  Be sure and stay tuned to the website ( for all updates on what’s going on.  If you would like to receive updates via text or email, sign up for the mailing list ( and stay connected with show updates, big announcements, & special events.

Thanks again for letting us entertain you and for entertaining us as well.  Keep telling everyone about Chico & Chris and let’s put some smiles on some more faces!

Chico & Chris


It’s a new season….Fall is in the air….Time for change… let’s get to it.  We’re going to be adding a whole bunch of new stuff this time around.  We’ve already thrown a few new songs and ideas at you guys and they seem to be going over pretty well so we’re going to stay on that path.  This coming year promises to be really cool so stay tuned!

With fall comes the holiday season.  Everyone is starting to think about Halloween…..Thanksgiving…..and (eek) Christmas (It’s already here again?!).   It is definately time to think about family and friends and to just have a good time all around but this holiday season….don’t forget to take a look around at the one’s that might not have it as well as we do.  Things are tough for everyone right now….but they’re a little tougher for some.  Don’t be afraid to tell a stranger hello.  If you have some spare change….that guy on the sidewalk might actually buy a sandwich.   Consider giving to the local food bank this year.  All these little things add up to something big.  If everyone pitches in just a little this year…..then 2012 is sure to end well for a lot of people….even in these tough times.

Be sure and stay tuned to the website ( for all updates on what’s going on.  We’re adding dates constantly (We’re already booking into Mardi Gras….so get ready!).   If you have any cool ideas you would like to see at the show….maybe a song you thought would be great for Chico & Chris to cover…..or maybe a great idea for an original song…..we’d love to hear your ideas.  Drop us a line and let us know!

Independence Day…..No….Not the movie (Although that was a good one huh?) No I’m talking about America’s Independence.  Today we celebrate all that is American….by eating BBQ and Burgers while blowing stuff up.  Now THAT’S American!

In our pursuit of happiness and our day to day struggle to survive we as a country need to take a step back and really remember what was sacrificed to build America.  We sometimes seem to take for granted the way of life we have become accustomed to.  Things weren’t always the way we know it.  Through the years, many men and women sacrificed  their homes, their families, their lives to make this country strong, independent & free.  When we fail to recognize and acknowledge their sacrifices we are in danger of letting down our guard and becoming complacent.  When that happens we begin to let people walk over us, control us, take away our freedoms that generations before us fought and died for.  To do that would be to disrespect their legacy.  If we forget what was lost in order to live freely then we are doomed to be shackled and controlled……Not free.

Go ahead and get to the festivities…..and today…..when you’re grillling up those burgers…… those fireworks……raising that flag…….swelling with pride over being an American……remember that we didn’t get here overnight.  It was a long hard battle for freedom.  If we’re not careful… could be gone in an instant.  The battle for true freedom never ends…’s an ongoing battle.  There is always someone right around the corner that wants to take it away from you.  Always be prepared to fight for your freedom.  Keep America strong.  Keep America Great.  Keep America FREE!

 Enjoy your time with family today.  Happy 4th of July………and let the bells of freedom ring (or at least the fireworks of freedom explode).

Happy 4th of July

Happy Humpday people!  Today I wanted to take note of the state of the world and how we all treat each other.  You see it on the news every day…..people hurting one another…..screwing each other over….people just can’t seem to get along.  This past Saturday we got to see the opposite side of that coin.  As a lot of you know, we hosted Dee Fest ( to help raise money for Deana Hergenroder Cotton (Chris Hergenroder’s sister) who on June 2nd was the victim of an attempted murder/suicide by her husband.  The show of love and support was amazing.   Friends, fans and strangers came together and endured blazing heat, gridlock traffic and pouring rain to be there for Deana.

I was truly impressed with the energy everyone put into the event to make it a success.  Everyone involved from the production side to the audience side as well as the bands knew they were there for a higher cause and let that awareness be known through their actions that day.

I gave that recap of Saturday to make this point:  Why can’t everyone show that kind of support for one another every day?  Why does it take someone getting shot and almost dying for people to come together and lend a helping hand?  I know there are some that do it on a regular basis…….and yes……most people are generally nice people…..but if everyone put just a little more energy in helping and trying to make a positive difference……do you realize how differently the news reports would be?   There would be more to smile about.  There would be more positive energy just floating around.   There would be more real heroes in the world.

This is just a little food for thought.  We say it on Saturday, June 23rd.  It is still possible for people to come together and make a difference.  Let’s make it a point to keep that ball rolling.

While we’re here I guess I should go ahead and tell you what’s going on this week huh?  Well……Friday evening it’s an early show at Tacky Jacks in Gulf Shores, AL.  Chico & Chris will start at 5:30pm and end up at 9:30pm.  This is an ALL AGES show so bring the kiddies down and grab some dinner.   Saturday’s show has been canceled.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next show…….Until then…..Take Care…..Be Safe…..Make A Difference.


Chico & Chris

p.s.  You can find links to bands and businesses that helped out and contributed to make Dee Fest possible right here: